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Winter Deicers
Winter Deicers
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  Mobile Treated Salt Mixing

Da-Lee can effectively blend salt to any specification with our state of the art pugmill operation. Da-Lee’s Salt Mixer is a large, mobile unit dedicated to treating rock salt. This premium treated rock salt product is used by municipalities and winter maintenance contractors to keep roads and paved areas free of snow and ice. The salt is treated with our Kinetic liquid blend, consisting of 30% to 35% LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride and a viscosity enhancing organic additive.

Benefits of blending with Da-Lee:

  • Custom blends using the most effective liquids
  • Blend at location of your choice
  • Fresh blend for optimal result
  • Eliminates need for onboard pre-wetting equipment and liquid storage
  • Easy delivery and set up

Benefits of Treated Salt:

  • Reduce total salt usage by 20-30% over plain white salt
  • Reduce bounce and scatter
  • Begins brining process immediately for faster melting
  • Reduces corrosion with less chlorides for the environment
  • Works in colder temperatures when compared to plain white salt
  • Lasts longer due to residual benefits (tackiness)

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Treated Salt

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87% Calcium

  • Distributor of DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87% Calcium Chloride one of the most effective ice melters available.
  • More melting power across a wider range of temperatures.
  • Can reduce the use of rock salt by up to 60% when blended 1:4 with rock salt
  • 10% more melting power than conventional 77% flake calcium.
  • 20 Kilogram Bags and 1 Tonne Sacs available.

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  DOWFLAKE is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company. LIQUIDOW™ - Trademark of Occidental Chemical Corporation.
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