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Horse Arenas & Rings

Da-Lee Dust Control offers the best option - Essoflex 250 Virgin Oil - for controlling dust in your indoor horse riding arena and outdoor ring. The benefits of applying Essoflex 250 Virgin Oil include:

  • Long lasting results with most arenas
  • Reduction of dust in these closed arenas - a key factor in the health and wellness of the animals, riders and spectators
  • No watering required with Essoflex 250 Virgin Oil
  • Supplied and applied service by experienced operators
  • Suitable for most types of arena footing materials

Outdoor riding surfaces can benefit from application of Essoflex 250 Virgin Oil or 35% LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride. These surfaces are exposed to the elements and may require treatment on a yearly basis.

Both Essoflex 250 Virgin Oil and 35% LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride can be shipped in tote containers to sites across Canada and the USA.

With the experience of having sprayed over 300 arenas in Ontario - and a service area from Windsor to Ottawa and as far north as North Bay or beyond - Da-Lee can provide you with the best dust control options for your indoor horse riding experience.

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